Pseudo Secularism is silently killing Hindus whether it’s Bhadrak or Bashirhat… Was attack on Amarnath Hindu Yatris a ploy to shift focus out of WB???

“Who is more secular than a Hindu?” Yogi Adityanath to Arnab Goswami on Republic TV

But the reality is totally different isn’t it???

The native Sanatana Dharma of this land has been inclusive and accommodating of all tenets of faiths that were indigenous or otherwise and respectful of the subjective validity of everyone’s faith or the lack of it. Post independence the founding fathers while drafting the constitution kept the word ‘secular’ out of the preamble which was surreptitiously incorporated in the Preamble  by the 42nd Amendment on January 3, 1977. Secularism purportedly was take us in the direction of UCC while preserving the plural ethos of the land but unfortunately it has been co-opted by secularists on the left of India’s political spectrum and perverted enough by venal, hypocritical, an opportunistic politicians. Today secularism is a much looked down upon word, a mere rhetorical icon which stands discredited ideal. It is synonymous today with discrimination against the majority, is hugely anti Hindu and is a tool of minority appeasement and serves to provide cover and justification to forces sworn to the annihilation of the nation

Appeasement in the name of secularism has gone to such absurd and threatening levels where MSM, activists and eminent historians are acting as proxies and keep playing the liberal chant to save the some of the culprits of Islamic Religion if there’s any kind of riot. The objective is pre-defined whatever may be the scenario the  torch bearers of Pseudo Secularism have to show common Indian that this particular ‘minority community’ is always the victim and on receiving end of majoritarian aggression and  discrimination. Another objective is to safe guard this particular votebank for some political parties like Congress, AAP, SP, BSP, TMC, TRS, BJD, RJD, etc. which are considered to be secular in their ideology

Let’s just try to have a bird’s eye view of two recent incidents within a span of 3 months in two neighboring states i.e. Odisha and West Bengal where two regional parties are currently in power BJD & TMC, respectively

I am just trying to take you in flashback of what happened and why Bhadrak (Odisha) burnt in April and now Basirhat/Baduria (West Bengal) burning and finally a brutal attack on Pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra. And at the receiving end are as usual majoritarian religion “Hindus”

Let’s see it from majorly two aspects – What was the reason and who suffered the most

What was the reason behind the riots?


The riot started because of a vulgar Facebook post on Bhagwan Ram, Devi Sita and Bhagwan Hanuman by a person from minority community (just two days before Ram Navami). The post contained many derogatory and defamatory remarks on Hindu Deva’s and Devi’s

This led to normal protest by the Hindu residents who demanded the local police to at-least arrest the person involved. But no action was taken against the accused since the sitting MLA is of the current dispensation which had to maintain its secular image at the cost of law and order and we all know the reason why; b’coz of minority appeasement

After continuous protests for more than 2 days, police reluctantly took the accused into custody (not arrested). In the meantime, section 144 was imposed so that situation can be controlled. B’coz of section 144, local Hindus weren’t allowed to do the Ram Navami Procession at the end of the festival (It’s a very old ritual followed since ages in that town). And they peacefully agreed saying once the situation improves we will do it. But in contrast the minority community did a rally of bikes shouting slogans like “PakistanZindabaad”, etc.

This was an act of provocation which not only was offensive but also hurt the majoritarian community and they were right in questioning the local police that “when we didn’t do our custom so that peace can be restored why did they conduct the rally and why did you guys allow such an incident,” and finally it resulted in riots which could have easily been avoided but now a days MINORITY APPEASEMENT is much more imp not only than law and order but also of beliefs of Hindus in India


A 17 year old juvenile puts up a Facebook post expressing his thoughts that Kaaba – the holy place of Muslims could have very well been an ancient Shiva temple, and it hurt the minorities that they started damaging everything. Irony is that the juvenile was immediately arrested by the local police for sharing that post

Muslims started rioting damaging public property, burning and looting Hindu establishments, assaulting villagers, and burning vehicles as a form of protest  and also demanded to hand over the juvenile so that they can stone him to death as per their Sharia laws. Moreover, processions marking the end of Bhagwan Jagannath Ratha Yatra (also called ‘UltaRath’) were disrupted and the Ratha’s destroyed and desecrated. Also, 65 years old Kartik Ghosh was stabbed multiple times and finally succumbed to his injuries (next morning in hospital)

According to a news article published by Sunday Guardian, officials in West Bengal confirmed that the morphed pictures was created by the cyber wing of Pakistan-based terror organization, Lashkar-e-Tayyabaas the juvenile doesn’t have expertise to create such images

( )

Some outsiders, who are likely to be to be overground workers associated with Jamaat-ud-Dawa (the political wing of Lashkar), were also seen instigating the mostly Muslim crowd, extorting them to attack policemen and members of Hindu community

Locals also alleged that a Trinamool Congress MLA was in the forefront helping the local police search the homes of Hindu families and arrest “innocent” Hindu youths

( )

This strategy — of giving Islamists a free rein to go on rampage and target victims while clamping down on Hindus to prevent them from retaliating — has been perfected over the past six years by the Mamata Banerjee’s State Government

Who suffered the most???

  1. In Bhadrak, the person who wrote the vulgar Facebook post on Bhagwan Ram, Devi Sita and Bhagwan Hanuman was only taken into custody whereas in Basirhat the juvenile was immediately arrested by the local police (but it’s almost known now that the juvenile wasn’t behind the creation of these posts but Lashkar-e-Tayyaba was)
  1. In Bhadrak, public property was damaged including desecration of Local Bhagwan Hanuman Temple and burning of several shops majorly belonging to the Hindus. In Basirhat, Muslims damaged public property, burnt and looted Hindu establishments, assaulted villagers, and burnt vehicles and also demanded to hand over the juvenile so that they can stone him to death as per their Sharia laws. Moreover, processions marking the end of Bhagwan Jagannath Ratha Yatra (also called ‘UltaRath’) were disrupted and the Ratha’s destroyed and desecrated. Also, 65 years old Kartik Ghosh was stabbed multiple times and finally succumbed to his injuries (next morning in hospital)
  1. Muslims raised slogans like “Pakistan Zindabaad” during Bhadrak and “Hand over the juvenile we will punish him according to Sharia laws”, “Aryans Go Back”, “India doesn’t belong to Hindus… get out of India”, etc. during Basirhat/Baduria
  1. Sitting MLA’s of BJD & TMC in both places supported directly/indirectly minority community to spread violence in name of vote bank appeasement politics

When Mamata was exposed, Amarnath Yatris were attacked and the whole incident was turned by MSM to glorify only a Muslim saviour “Salim”

Have you ever tried to guess, the timing of brutal attack on Hindu Pilgrims of AmarnathYatra and the reason. Let me try to bring in an angle which most probably no one would have thought through

Mamata had started feeling the heat from not only Social Media Activists but also from certain MSM channels like Republic TV. In a sensational sting, a TMC leader, the Minority Committee Chairman, was caught on tape saying that a fellow party leader let the situation out of control in Baduria ( ). Not only Republic TV even shows aired by Zee News and Times Now had also exposed Mamata hypocrisy

Image 1

Above this, #SaveBengal Campaign of various right wing activists was getting popular and hundreds were joining the protests in various cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkotta and Hyderabad to oppose political parties like TMC who in the name of Pseudo Secularism and Minority Appeasement for vote bank are silently subjugating the Hindus. The idea was becoming stronger with each passing moment“Let’s stop Bengal from becoming another example of what happened to Kashmiri Pandits”


Apart from this Mamata was also getting exposed on her goof-ups on Gorkhaland issues, so the forces who want to balkanize India into pieces had to immediately shift the goal post out of Bengal so that Pseudo Secular Mamata can again get time to clear up all the mess which she has created by torturing Hindus

That’s exactly when Hindu Pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra were attacked. MSM easily shifted the goal post out of West Bengal and blame was transferred again to central Govt on security lapse. It’s not the only goal but there’s was another important one how to clean the image of Muslims which have been portrayed so wrongly in Basirhat and Baduria. Hence, Liberal lobby was quick to glorify Salim as the savior of the pilgrims. See the smart ideology how this liberal lobby helped by MSM shifted the horrific image of Islamic terrorists into a benevolent driver who saved many life’s. Truth is that the Lutyens Delhi Media houses never said how Harsh “The Operator”, Mukesh “The Cleaner” and Yaswant “The Co-traveller” who saved many lives by taking bullets


“Foreign hands are involved, and unfortunately now, China is also interfering…” said Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and has given a lot to ponder about

( )

Chinese intelligence are active in Kashmir. I am referring to “CPEC + Gwadar + Afghan” way of Kashmir Policy of China. Destabilizing Kashmir would help China in many ways i.e. retaining PoK as CPEC passes through this geography and reducing India’s economic wealth and political strength

Rahul Gandhi meets Chinese envoy and Amarnath attack happens. Engaging India on two war fonts of Pakistan and China and pass the blame to NDA Govt for its failure is sickening antinational strategic move of Congress

( )

Can you now understand the full plot now that it has unraveled itself? i.e. the timing of this attack and glorifying only a person from a certain community and not the others who took bullets to save passengers … why it happened when West Bengal is burning and b’coz of whom?? (Peaceful community) Bengal is burning… Idea was just to shift the focus out of Bengal and MSM shifted their goal post so easily…and not to forget the involvement of internal and external forces who want to Balkanize India into pieces… Open up your eyes before its too late… Still those who can’t see the blatant truth are willfully blind…!!!

Fully agreed with what CM of UP to Republic TV said “Who is more secular than a Hindu?”


BAAHUBALI 2- The Conclusion or Harbinger of Surreal Cinematic Experience draped in ethos of the land

What makes the movie unique and one to watch since the dawn of Indian Cinema, or when cinema as we know came into being

Ever since the evolution of Indian cinema, here comes an EPIC which is special and riveting in more ways than one. Besides the grand scale on which the movie was mounted, and the near perfect detailing and the flawless execution what touches everyone’s heart is the subtle but very strong message that is seamlessly blended into the narrative. The message is “भारतीय संस्कृति, सनातन धर्म और देशभक्ति सर्वोपरि है

To compare BAAHUBALI with the run of mill fare that Bollywood dishes out would be unfair on the minions of B-Town. BAAHUBALI towers above them all and you don’t compare Matrix Trilogy with Gurmeet Ram Rahim movies or a Ramsay production. As far as the messaging goes Bollywood when not churning out contenders for the Razzies is busy churning out propaganda material with a single point agenda of shaming the young generation and making them believe that India’s Cultural History and Hinduism is just not worth feeling proud of. The other vested subtext to this agenda is to work in cohesion with forces inimical to the nation inside and form a nexus with D-Company to defame India’s Rich Cultural History and Sanatana Dharma

Movies have been grossly made to suit political messaging of one ruling party since Independence i.e. Fake and Pseudo Secularism, to glorify terrorists and heinous criminals so as to create a soft corner. On the other hand the stress on showcasing a great warrior like Bajirao as drunkard, attempt to portray our pride Rani Padmavati as romancing an Islamic Mass Murderer and  portrayal of Akbar as humble and benevolent  inspite his barbarity without throwing light on what prompted him to mend his ways and fall in line gives the games away. The attempt to sanitize and whitewash some and tinkering around facts in the name of cinematic liberty and freedom of expression is not lost on us

What makes it an epic and why Indians are enamored and in awe, not only from East West North South but also from all over the globe???

Vedas: Cultural Rituals and Uniqueness 

Staring the movie with the invocation of Bhagwan Ganesha to Bhagwan Krishna Aarti in Kuntala Kingdom and ending the climax with blessings from Bhagwan Shiva; to the head of Bhallala Deva golden statue falling into the waterfalls, near the Shiv Linga depicts the proud Vedic Age of Bharat. Celebrating Vijayadashami by RakshyasaDahan ritual, to HomaKundas and GOUDBHARAI (Baby Shower as people refer now a days) everything is so nicely presented that it mesmerizes audience. The Hindu motifs come across as refreshing and natural

Debunking the fake Aryan-Dravidian Myth

AmarendraBaahubali’s entry to stop the elephant with Bhagwan Ganesha’sMURTI” and finally celebrating Vijayadashami by riding on an elephant just debunked the fake Aryan – Dravidian Theory. This has been fed by the Vatican to divide Indians since last 300-400 years and perpetuated by some political parties for electoral benefits. Bhagwan Shiva to Bhagwan Ganesha to Bhagwan Krishna have been worshipped since ages across India

Santana Dharma

Hinduism always believes in practicing Sanatana Dhrama and living by its principles AmarendraBaahubali “If I break my promise for the greed of the throne than it will be an insult to my upbringing …” says it all how son follows Dharma which has been taught by his mother to stand always for the truth

This scene just reminded me of Ramayana (Our ITIHASA not Mythology as I always believe in…) where Bhagwan Sri Rama happily accepted exile to keep wish of his mother and promise of his father…

When AmarendraBaahubali and Devasena are asked to leave the palace, the happiness in shown in the citizens of the kingdom echoing this message “Abse humare Bhagwan humare saath rahenge” again touches the sequence of Ramayana where every resident of Ayodhya started leaving the kingdom so as to spend 14 years with Bhagwan Sri Rama and Mata Sita on that day…

Another touching scene unravels when Sivagami Devi after knowing her mistake she declares “Mahendra” as the next king and says “Mera Vachhan hi hai Sassan…” also echoes the same message why our Dharmic values are held so high…

Relationship between mother and son

Whether carrying Shiva Linga in the first part by Shivudu or taming the elephant in the opening scene of Conclusion speaks all about love and affection …

After the first scene (Vijaydashami) the way AmarendraBaahubali cares for his mother and later Sivagami just asks him to sleep on her lap… moistens your eyes…

During his last breath AmarendraBaahubali requested Katappa to take care of Sivagami … speaks a lot about how Indians have been bonded by relations in a Dharmic Sense…

Portraying the Real Indian Women

Characters of Sivagami, Devasena and of Sanga (mother of Shivudu) showcase the real image of Indian women…

Sivagami’s brilliant handling of Mahesmati Samrajya and Devesena’s character full of self-respect says it all… Devasena’s refusal to the marriage proposal and cutting the fingers of that soldier who tries to touch women inappropriately actually shows the real Indian women and pseudo feminists are unable to digest it…

AmarendraBaahubali’s dialogue after beheading the soldier who was misbehaving with women of his kingdom “Aurat Pe Haat Dalne Vale Ki Ungliyaan Nahi Kaatey, kaatey hain toh gala…

Another scene that brings to the fore the ancient code of chivalry that formed an integral part of our cultural mores is the one where “AmarendraBaahubali and Devasena are leaving Kuntala Kingdom. Before boarding the boat the plank to boat breaks … so AmarendraBaahubali asks Devesena to get into the boat walking on his shoulder…” that signifies how we respect and treat our women

But then incidents from certain regions of the country have been picked up, magnified manifold and a damning narrative has been unleashed that India is the most unsafe country for women and the rape capital of the world. While facts and statistics have been conveniently given a go by to create a misconception by subverted journos in cahoots with western biased media that India is worst for women and misogyny is inherent to our culture and ingrained in our society. A convenient ploy to advance western notions of feminism and liberalism and weaken the structure of family through cognitive dissonance


The scene where AmarendraBaahubali helps Devasena to shoot 3 arrows explains why our culture is so high and you can imagine why from centuries western kingdoms and countries have been trying to attack our motherland…

Three arrows together? Yes, it is possible and not as a product of somebody’s fertile imagination but as an expression of as Yodha’s perfection of his craft!!! I know most of you guys wouldn’t believe if I give example of Arjuna (bcoz you don’t see it as ITIHASA that unfolded on this land many aeons ago but mythology brainwashed by Wendy Doniger’s favourite child  Devdutt Pattnaik), so I would like to give an example of a legend known as Kaliyuga Arjuna who existed in last century could shoot four arrows simultaneously from the same bow and hit four difficult and different targets all at once (Please read this article: ) (By Marut Mitra)

While we are at it would be prudent to draw attention to Trishul Vyuha that was employed as battlefield tactics in BAAHUBALI – I

(In the first instalment of the movie the Kalakeyas are given an opportunity to review their decision to attack, change their mind and walk away with their lives. The Kalakeya king rejects their offer and insults Queen Sivagami by saying he will take over her kingdom and have children with her. An enraged Sivagami says she wants the Kalakeya king brought to her alive, but with his limbs chopped off, so that she can feed him to the vultures. During the battle, the Kalakeyas use a dirty tactic of using their Mahishmatian prisoners as shields.  Bhallala Deva owns a chariot, with rotating scythes in the front. He plowed through the line of innocent prisoners, killing them. AmarendraBaahubali, on the other hand, caused them to fall down and attacked the Kalakeyas behind them, thus saving the prisoners. When it seems that Mahishmati would end up being defeated, Amarendra inspires his soldiers to fight back and they end up crushing the enemy)

Trishula Vyuha (trident formation) is one of the warfare tactics used in Mahabharata’s Kuruskhetra War… this shows how evolved our ancient and indigenous warfare systems were. This tactics has been also used by Ashoka and Alexander … but the origins lie in ancient knowledge systems of India

Last but not the least – Deshbhakti above all

Our ancestors loved our Bharat Mata and have given their life safeguarding the sanctity, sovereignty and dignity of our motherland. Defeating Kalakeyas (in first part) to Katappa’s faithfulness (in the Conclusion) says it all…

Mahishmati Anthem” shows how since ages Hindus have been proud bearers of this nation’s tradition and it gives goosebumps when the anthem is played in the theatre …

This is what makes this movie so special… 

To wrap, my humble two cents.  Baahubali 2 not only compares well with Gladiator and Lord of the Rings but is definitely better. The immersive storytelling and the sensorial experience leaves one spell bound and wonder-eyed…